Recent estimates show that YouTube has over 140 MILLION people using it every month! This is by far the most well known & most popular video sharing service on the internet, and it provides some wonderful opportunities we can help you take advantage of!

YouTube Advertising and Optimization Services

YouTube presents a variety of unique opportunities for businesses to show off their products & services as well as to connect with potential customers with YouTube advertising.

Why Most Businesses Fail on YouTube!

Most business that use YouTube to showcase their products or services are not taking full advantage of what YouTube has to offer.  Just throwing videos online is like putting a drop of water into a ocean. There are millions of other videos already on YouTube, so if you just upload a few videos they will likely get lost in the ocean of other videos online from other competitors in your field or worse yet some guy with a high pitched voice that your kids watch.

What Max Clicks Does With Your YouTube Video?

Our YouTube Optimization service will optimize your videos based off of thorough keyword research to ensure people can find your videos above the millions of others out there competing for the same space.


Max Clicks has been very successful in organically ranking videos on the first page of the search results for top analyzed searches related to your video and business.  We also have a number of other ways to guarantee viewers see your video when you need immediate results through Search Engine Adverting for YouTube.

What You Get

When you take advantage of our YouTube optimization service we’ll handle everything for you. We’ll go in and do an analysis of your existing video(s) and determine how effective they are in their current position, then we’ll research new promotional techniques, keywords, and various other aspects to help your videos stand out. Lastly we’ll develop a plan to and put that plan into action optimizing your videos to display promptly on the YouTube search results. Our mission is to get your videos found!
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