Why Do I Need A Call Tracking Phone Number?phone

Virtual Call tracking phone numbers and  reports are tools that you are able to use to get understanding which advertising efforts are most effective in generating leads or sales.

How Does It Work

We assign you a phone number based on the area or location or even specific ad that you wish to track.  Your new call tracking phone number will show on your Caller ID every time its called, so you are able to distinguish calls from this phone number and advertisements that are using your call tracking phone number as opposed to any other advertisement or even your own website. Most of our clients use these phone numbers for monitoring of ad performance and for privacy by not displaying online their primary number to protect from spammers and phone number scrappers.  Here are just a few examples of they way you can use your new number.

  • Mobile Advertising where users can click to call
  • Google Ad’s
  • Craigslist Ad’s
  • Employment advertising (we use this always)
  • Customer Service Line
  • and many more!

Call Tracking Phone Number Reporting

We are able to provide reporting when requested for all the calls that came in from your call tracking phone number.  Here is a sample of one of the reports you will receive.  We can provide reporting at any time you need it on demand.  Most requests for reporting will be provided within 24 hours.  Call stats are always for the previous days call volume back to the date you desire.

What Do We Need

All we need to get started generally is the location you are in and the phone number that we are going to forward your call tracking phone number to. We usually have all phone number requests fulfilled within 24 to 48 hours.

Sign Up Securely with PayPal

We take all our payments securely through PayPal. Your monthly billing for your call tracking phone number will $9.95 until cancelled. The only thing we require is that you email billing@maxclicksonline.com if you wish to terminate your number. You can keep this number forever if you wish just leave your monthly billing in place.

Need More Than 10 Numbers? Request A Volume Discount

Please send us a short email with your contact information and the number of Call Tracking Numbers you need and we will respond with  a volume discounts or you may ask your sales rep to request volume pricing authorization.
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