The following is a representation of the terms and agreement specific to Search Engine Placement Service.

This is a MONTH to MONTH agreement, starting on the date first payment is received, to be billed automatically on the same date each month that follows.

Should you decide to cancel, your monthly charge is not refundable. Cancellation can be made only via email to Please include account holders name and website address.

Notice of cancellation must be made no later than 5 days prior to next billing date. If received later than 5 days prior to next billing cycle, Max Clicks will run your ad placement for another 30 days of exposure. Customer understands that his/her account may be canceled at the discretion of Max Clicks.

Client understands that the alliances between independent search engines and social media platforms such as Google, Bing/Microsoft, Yahoo! Search Network search engines and Facebook are not under the control of Max Clicks.


All Search Engine Placement selections are Subject To Availability & Approval.  Max Clicks guarantees your website will be positioned within the Sponsor Results on the SEARCH RESULTS PAGE of the search engine(s) you have selected. Max Clicks has up to and including (10) business days to secure placement on the selected search engine(s).

GUARANTEE MAY BE VOIDED for, among other reasons, a poor website evaluation by the search engine(s), Website Pop Ups, redirected web addresses, Top Level Domain conflicts, Changes made to Websites or domain names after they have been uploaded to the search engine(s). Max Clicks will make every reasonable effort to work with customers to maintain our guarantee.

NOTE: Pricing and positioning are market driven, therefore, subject to change. If the cost to maintain position substantially Increases, customer will have first right of refusal to continue placement at current market value or will be offered another keyword/position at the same price if available. If cost substantially decreases, customer will be offered a lower cost or additional keywords at Max Clicks discretion.

01June 2011