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Congratulations! You have successfully set up your account with Max Clicks.

What Happens Now?

Your Account Manager is working on creating your ads and sending your information to our Placement Department for upload to the search engine(s).  We should have your account setup and running with your selected search engine(s) within 24-48 hours.

How Do I Check My Ads?

We ask all our clients to monitor their placement on Google with a tool provided by Google for its advertisers; its called the AdPreview Tool.  This insures that you don’t click your own ad and accidentally incur additional expenses to Max Clicks.  We also ask that you use the AdPreview tool to insure the best possible placement of your ad.  You can affect your ads position in a negative–way moving it down the page–by doing the search on the search engines directly and not clicking your ad. This makes it less relevant and moves your own listing down the page.

Here is a link to the AdPreview tool for you to bookmark for future use.

Expect A Call

You should receive a call from your Account Manager in the next couple days to show you your placement online and walk you through using the AdPreview Tool.

Useful Contact Information

Should you need to make any changes to your recurring billing simply email our billing department.  As received in your signup email, our Terms & Conditions states that all requests to stop or change recurring charges on your account must be made 5 days before your next billing cycle.  Your billing date will be the same date each month.

Should you need to make an ad change, you can do so by emailing our Placement department or contacting your Account Manager directly.

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