Max Clicks Search Engine Advertising and Marketing services will put you on the three largest search engines out there. We put you on the top analyzed  searches that get results. It’s like having the biggest billboard in the world with an unlimited reach!


Benefits of Search Engine Advertising with Max Clicks

    • Flat monthly fee with No cost per click (CPC).  Max Clicks uses Google’s historical data and bidding estimates to to calculate flat rate pricing for all our clients.  We will manage what is typically a CPC process for most businesses or advertisers at a flat rate on your behalf. Making it very easy to budget for any business on a monthly basis.
    • Month to Month without a signed contract.  Our idea is simple, we don’t want you online if you don’t want to be there.  No need to sign any contracts, you just go month to month as long as YOU are receiving a benefit from being online.
    • Very flexible, We can make changes daily, weekly or monthly to ensure maximum ROI wither that be increasing or decreasing your monthly spend.
    • You should start seeing your website online within 24-48 hours once approved by the selected search engines.
    • Complete tracking of how many people Searched your keyword and Clicked on your ad, Also known as CTR Click Through Rate.  We provide this information for you as well as recommendations to optimize your spend and exposure online with the search engines.
    • Our experts will brand you with a header and ad text that encourages searchers to click on your ad or even call you directly from your ad.
How much does it cost?

That is usually the number one question after building a website, how much money is it going to take to get the public to see it. Most people never even take the next step because they think it will happen by itself with organic placement or cost way to much to drive traffic to your website with ads or other forms of marketing.

Truth is that we have packages starting at $100 Month to Month and we are one of the only companies in this industry to NOT charge an account creation fee to set up your account. You pay for pure performance for your website and nothing else!

Why do I need to advertise online?

If you want to remain competitive in today’s market, utilizing Search Engine Marketing is an important step. Search engine queries are so common now that the word “Google” is used in everyday language, not only as a noun to describe the company but as a verb to describe the act of searching for something online. Your company listing should be one of the first things customers see when they “Google” keywords that are relevant to your business.

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