Reach your audience again with Remarketing


Remarketing enables you to reach your website visitors with a fresh message tailored just for them after they leave your site. Your message appears to those visitors as they browse other sites in the Google Network. It’s a powerful way to continue the conversation you began with them on your site.

Let’s say you’re an online retailer of televisions and home theater, and you know that 10% of your site visitors make a purchase and 90% leave without buying. For that 90%, remarketing lets you deliver ads for TVs as they browse other sites unrelated to yours. For the 10% who did buy, you can now cross-sell other products, by showing ads for DVD players, for example.

How remarketing works

Simply add a piece of code (also called a ‘tag’) to your site on pages that match the specific categories you want to promote. Add a “TV” tag on pages where you sell TVs, for example, and you can show TV ads later to users who have visited those pages but didn’t make a purchase.

Who can use it

All types of advertisers can benefit from remarketing. Whether your goal is direct response or targeted branding, remarketing can help boost your ROI.

If you’re a search advertiser, use remarketing as part of an integrated campaign strategy. Drive traffic to your site with search ads, then reach those customers again with a tailored message as they browse the web, encouraging them to return to your site and buy.

if you’re a display advertiser, use remarketing to increase user loyalty and drive brand awareness. Reaching existing customers helps you position your brand or product and reinforce your sales message.

Remarketing success

Many advertisers who remarket with Google AdWords have been able find new customers at costs below their target CPA. Those advertisers typically reach the vast majority of users on their remarketing list through our wide network of partner sites.

Key benefits

      • Ease of use: Max Clicks uses Google AdWords to create and manage remarketing lists.
      • Custom audiences: Target with precision. You can simply and easily create custom targeting using any combination of your remarketing lists; for example, target users who bought TVs, browsed the DVD player product pages, but did not purchase a DVD player.
      • Scope: Google works with millions of partner sites, so you can reach potential customers on your remarketing list several times in a month, a week, or even in a single day.
      • Segmentation: Use geographical targeting and other segmenting tools to remarket to your site visitors in a given region.
      • Efficient pricing: The AdWords auction model offers competitive rates that meet your target ROI. Choose from either CPC or CPM pricing models.
      • Creative formats: Create your ads with text, images, or rich media. Google Display Ad Builder will help you create eye-catching display ads for each list of users – for free.
      • Detailed reports: Get full visibility into ad placement and performance, then boost or trim your bids based on results. You can even exclude sites that aren’t right for you.

    Why is remarketing a good idea?

    It’s called front of mind or maybe a forced reminder of why they went to your site in the first place. Always be where your potential clients can see you. This may be the one thing that makes them remember your product or service and come back to do business with you.

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