95% of smartphone users use their phones to browse the web and by the end of 2012 the number of mobile searches done on the internet will be higher than the number of desktop searches. Unfortunately most websites don’t display properly on mobile devices, and 90% of those consumers won’t do business with someone who has a website that doesn’t work properly on their mobile device.

What Exactly is This?

The mobile optimized websites we build here at Max Clicks have a variety of features tailored specifically to mobile devices. Our mobile optimized websites scale them selves to fit all major devices including but not limited to: iPhone’s, Androids Phones, BlackBerry Phones, IiPad, Android Tablets. Mobile optimized websites have a variety of features which don’t work on standard websites designed for desktop computers. Features such as Click to Call, GPS Auto Selection, and Click to Email make it so your business is always just one click away! This is one of the many reasons that 90% of users who use mobile websites normally take action to buy or contact the companies they find within 24 hours!

Why Do I Need A Mobile Optimized Website?

Many businesses have thrived perfectly well on their own with just basic websites or without any website at all. Unfortunately this just isn’t something that’s practical for business owners to do when it comes to the mobile website movement. By the end of 2015 there will be 1 smartphone for every person on the planet, and unfortunately over 70% of websites out there currently don’t work properly with mobile devices!  Having a broken website is like having burnt down wooden shack for your store front. Would you trust someone who’s only tool was a blowtorch to work on your car? If you’re website isn’t mobile friendly that’s the impression people get when they try to open it up!

All of our mobile websites can be installed as apps on smartphones & tablets! Customers can save your contact, services, menu, or any other part of your website straight to their phone and access it at any time they want! When their mobile device connects to the internet it will also automatically check to see if any content has been updated making sure they always have the latest copy!


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