As a benefit for clients we offer a free website product with the availability of adding additional pages for a very modest charge. This is designed to be used with your existing Search Engine Placement services that you with Max clicks online.  All clients using our free website product will need to sign up for website hosting on our hosting page. You will only need to sign up for the basic hosting option which is only $9.95 per month.

Free Website

Available Options

Pages Included 2 pages  Home Page & Contact Page
Additional Pages X $75 Per Page or $125 Per Page*
Photo Gallery X $50
Photo Editing $5 Per Photo $5 Per Photo
Additional Requests $25 Per Hour for Existing Clients
Required Hosting $9.95 monthly Paid monthly

How it breaks down Us vs. Them


A typical 5 page website which includes 2 Free pages at  $0.00 add 3 paid pages for your services, Contact and Testimonials plus a Gallery to showcase your business employees or products at $75  per page plus $100 for the Gallery is $325.00 for the website structure and content that you’ve provided.

Hosting for 36 months with us at $9.95 per month (paid monthly) is $358.20 for total cost of only $683.20.   Your hosting account is a month-to-month service which can be canceled at any time but it is required in order to take advantage of our free website offer.
I think most would agree that after 3 years in this day and age you will be ready for a new look and feel, that is why we use 36 months for this example.  We can always upgrade or add-on as technology advances and improves whether it be adding new social networks or search engine optimization features.


Most companies charge roughly $800 for a basic website design without any options.  You would then need to host it at $10 a month so on the low side you are looking at a $1160.00 over the same 3 year period.  Most other hosting companies require you to sign up for service for a period of one year, but what is the service they are providing you starts to fail or degrade in any way?

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