Custom web applications are just one of our many specializations here at Max Clicks Online. Have you ever wished you could track some sort of information on the computer, or communicate better with clients through your website? You need look no further then – our custom web applications are affordable, easy to use, and will give you all the functionality you’ve been looking for!

What exactly is this?

Custom web applications can be a lot of different things – it all depends on your needs. We can build just about anything you want, be it a simple login which allows you to control some part of your website to an advanced ecommerce system which allows you to sell products online. Our web-based applications will allow you to get the functionality you’re after and access it from anywhere in the world just by using the internet!

What You Get

What you get when you use our custom web application service is pretty much whatever you want! We’ll work directly with you and develop a specific list of features your web-application will have. Next we’ll develop a specific plan to build those features, test them, and get everything ready for you to use. Once everything’s built we’ll show you how to use your new application. Lastly we’ll be around for years to come to answer any questions you may have down the road!
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