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It has been a pleasure to do business with your company. I'll recommend your company to anyone that is interested. I planning on having your company do more work in the future. Thank you, Dennis Bernson EV
Dennis D Bernson
Well I really didn't think much of The Google Ads and AdWords , but our business definitely picked up alot since we originally signed up with Max Clicks, so we are exited to increase our AdWords with Max Clicks. Thanks alot guys , we really appreciate it ...... iTechs inc.
Raul Maldonado
I usually do not buy into these type of things but Mack is a exceptional salesman with great personal contact. You guys are blessed to have such a great person on your team. Without him I would of never signed up. Thank you for having him on your team. Thank you all. 5-star
Todd Pekar
Max Clicks has given my business a huge increase of leads. I really like the one on one support from my sales guy and I even had a call from the owner on a Sunday when I left a message for them on the weekend. The support has been great. Keep it up!
Johnny Bunco
Hi, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for what your company has done to help my company succeed, and also to let you know how wonderful my experience has been with Max Clicks Online. Before I signed up with you I was running my own campaign and was lucky to place 3rd or 4th when my keywords were searched on Google. I was also paying more than I am now with your company and would average a sale every 2-3 days. My budget only allowed my ad to be visible periodically throughout the day which was a major drawback since I own a small company and am limited in my advertising budget. Immediately after signing up with maxclicksonline my advertising cost was cut by 25% and my ads were in the top position for every keyword. I now see at least one sale per day, although it is often 2 or 3. My ads run 24/7 and I believe this along with top positioning is the reason I have seen such an increase in sales. I can't say enough good things about my experience with your company. Mack, who is my account representative has been excellent to work with and a real pleasure to get to know. I have called him on multiple occasions to change things or ask questions and he always listens to my needs and helps me to get the best results. When he says he will look into something and get back to me he does, and in a timely manner. I have never emailed or left a voice mail without getting a response. I am so thankful for partnering with your company, I am able to compete and actually rank higher than the big companies out there because of your services. Thank you so much for your professional staff and for the opportunity to grow my company to reach my dreams. Sincerely, Darrin Chance
Darrin Chance
I highly recommend Max Clicks for website design and maintenance. They designed my website for our nonprofit, strategically thinking through the navigation aspects as well as the visual. You have seconds to capture someone's attention and get them to click through to your content. Making it easy and intuitive to navigate is critical to any website's success in communicating about a business. Nick, owner and CEO was responsive by phone and email as needed and a pleasure to work with, as was the Max Clicks website team. They were able to design a site that I can update and moderate with ease. I would use them again for any web sight design needs. They are a real value organization. Honest and of high integrity. Lynne Cheney Founder/CEO A World Feast
Lynne Cheney
Before Nick got me placed on google i almost went bankrupt. I now keep getting calls and my google ranking just keeps getting better.Other companys keep calling trying to get my business saying im not on page 1 when i am, or qoute me higher rates. I know i can trust Nick. It is possible to get burned by the other placement companies. 
Randy Jones
November 9th 2011 You're the best Nick! Let's knock 'em out again this year! March 20th 2012 Hi Nick, Man, your google ads have swamped me!
David Burns
Max Clicks Online has been a great help to our company in developing a presence on the internet. We started out at ground zero, and have rapidly worked our way into some pretty good rankings with Google. We will continue working with Max Clicks Online, and I definitely recommend them for any business looking to gain an edge on their online competition.
T-shirt Boss
Max Clicks is awesome... Everything my now good buddy, Ben said, he did.... He has been helping me get to where our charter company needs to be... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS... 5-star
Gary Bonanno
Max Clicks is my go to company for all my web needs and my results since switching to Max Clicks have been outstanding! 5-star
KC McKinney, Florida
I have been working with Max Clicks for several months after receiving a "cold" call from Mack B. Aside from outstanding ad results, I am extremely pleased with the excellent customer service and invaluable insights and advice I get from Mack. He's a super-talented and dynamic person who has advised us, challenged us and educated us. As a result, I believe our ads are performing better than if we had tried to do this on our own. He's always there when I need something and is quick to respond with a phone call or email. The personal service we get from Max Clicks makes all the difference. Thank You!
Jill Siragusa
Chris Knotts & Nick From 2009 thru 2011 our business had dropped an avg. of 31% per year. The first 2 months using Max Clicks our phone calls increased 60 to 70 % then our clientele progressed to the point of near full capacity. Thanks Max Clicks
These guys are awesome the really help me out with my internet marketing. I have tried for years to do what they did in about one day. If things keep up like this I will deffinatly be adding more key search phrases with you, and stay for life! 5-star
Robert Thompson
Chris at Max Clicks is one of my best go to guy for my web needs. Results since switching to Max Clicks have been great. We will continue working with Max Clicks Online, and can recommend them for any business which is looking to gain an edge on their online competition. Chris Knotts provided solid recommendations, dedication, and reliable ongoing customer service, which resulted in increase web traffic and business growth due to the experience provided at Max Clicks Online. Thanks guys, keep up the hard work.
Marie Martineau
Thank you Max Clicks Online for all of your help with our website development for for Options Baking Company, Inc. Your pictures are wonderful and have such great detail. The website is better than we imagined. Our entire company has enjoyed working with your team. I expected hassles and stress. Your company has such a relaxed approach that it put us at ease. They have been such a delight, keeping us in the loop each step of the way. Thanks so much for all of your hard work! Happy Eating!! 5-star
Andrea Venezio
Nick, I need you to shut down campaigns. They’ve been very successful and we are almost sold out and don’t have any more trips to sell.
Brad Niva
This is our second year of doing business with Max Clicks! At Atlantic Adventures charter fishing in Portland Maine, we were able to generate a lot more web traffic and business due to the experience of Max-Clicks!!! They have done such a great job for us, we have invited them all to come fishing with us!! Thanks! capt. Jim
Captain Jim Harkins

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