14 September 2012

Why Go Mobile

Hi everyone, and thanks for reading the Max Clicks blog! Today we’re going to talk a bit about this massive mobile movement going on right now and how we can help your business transition to mobile technologies.

Many people don’t realize this but according to the latest statics from Google mobile searches are expected to overtake the number of normal desktop searches being done by the end of 2012. More yet by the end of 2015 there’s going to be one smartphone to every person on the planet! Numbers aside it doesn’t take a genius to see how important mobile devices are becoming in our world; all you have to do is go to the store and look around. Every day we  see people walking around searching the internet from their phones while they shop, drive, and even when they make dinner!

As of 2011 there were over 111.2 million consumers who owned smartphones and 95% of those smartphone owners use their phones to browse the internet and find local businesses. Unfortunately the majority of websites don’t format properly on mobile devices and just over 90% of those people will just click off your website and go to a competitor if your website doesn’t work properly on their mobile device. Even mobile searches are often handled separately from desktop searches; you could be right on top of Google for desktop computers but might not by showing up at all for mobile searches.

While the rapid mobile movement does pose some obvious threats to businesses whom don’t have mobile optimized websites there are tremendous advantages for businesses who do have mobile optimized websites. Did you know that according to Google 61% of users call a business after searching and 59% of users will straight up visit their location!

So what can you do from a business stand point to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity? There are several things! First and foremost make sure your website is compatible with mobile devices. Your website may function decently on a mobile device but that doesn’t always mean it’s optimized for mobile websites. Check to see if the mobile version of your website has features like click to call, click for GPS, and click for email. Also see how much information is loading (or isn’t loading) on your mobile website too. Often mobile websites will cut important information or have excessive content on them. It’s ok to load 10 paragraphs of text in places on a normal website but when you put that on a 2 inch screen for a phone it tends to overwhelm mobile users.

Always remember that Max Clicks can help you with all of these things too. If you have questions about how well your website works on mobile devices don’t hesitate to give us a call! We specialize in creating mobile optimized websites. For those of you who want to really tap into the mobile movement you should talk to one of our Internet Marketing Specialists about mobile targeted advertising too! We can get you featured on the largest search engines out there whenever consumers do the top searches for your services on mobile devices!


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