23 July 2013

What are Rich Snippets?

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Today we’re going to examine a relatively new technology called rich snippets which is booming all over the internet and how it can help your business. Chances are even though you might not recognize the term rich snippets you’ve already seen them in action. Rich snippets are segments of code which can be added to parts of your website to give search engines more information about the specific content on your website. This in turn helps search engines focus in on specific things (people, recipes, businesses, etc) that people might be looking for.

Website developers are constantly looking for ways to improve search engine optimization on websites but using rich snippets can go a step further than just optimizing your website. In addition to giving search engines more highly-relevant information about your content pages which take advantage of rich snippets are often displayed differently from websites on Google. Rich snippets allows you to add things such as author pictures next to your blog posts, a picture next to your recipe, star review ratings throughout various parts of your website, product details, and more! Here’s an example of how a recipe displays in the Google search results thanks to rich snippets.


Wouldn’t you like your website to pop up in a similar format to that when people search for you? We think it’s a pretty good idea!

What types of Rich Snippets are there?

If you’re like most of our clients you probably don’t feature a lot of recipes on your website. Don’t worry though there are several types of rich snippets you can take advantage of. Not all types of rich snippets will display pictures next to you in the search results and unfortunately there is never a guarantee that your web page will display any differently than all of the other web pages out there. However if you don’t take advantage of rich snippets then there is a definite guarantee that your web page will not ever display like the above example.

Currently (as of October 2012) Google supports the following forms of rich snippets: Reviews, People, Products, Businesses & Organizations, Recipes, Events, & Music. Currently popular search engines are working with Schema.org – a website which provides a collection of “schemas” for the types of rich snippets listed above. You can find more information on the schema’s currently out there by visiting their website.

How can I use rich snippets on my website?

There are a variety of different uses for Rich Snippets and how you implement them depends entirely on the type of website you have. If you’re familiar with web development and comfortable editing the code to your website then you can find an abundance of information on how to implement rich snippets by visiting Google Webmaster Tools and www.schema.org.

If you’re like most of our customers through and you don’t want to spend your time pouring over code and different tutorials then I recommend just getting a hold of our web department. How you use rich snippets varies depending on a number of different factors. With a quick consultation we can help you figure out how to take advantage of this technology and get it live on your website

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