15 November 2011

How to Make the Most of Your Website | Part 2

Would you ever hire an employee for your business whose sole job would be to mess around just so you can say you have an employee? If you said no, then why would you pay to have a website built just to say you have a website? If you have a website and don’t have any clear objectives for it then you are wasting money and losing business! Furthermore no matter where you’re at right now your website can always be improved on and the return on your investment into your website can always be increased. This is why we’ve written this article. This is part one of two for our article on how to make the most of your website. In this part of the article we’re going to examine 3 major factors of having a successful website: your website’s audience, your website’s promotion, and your website’s goals. So without wasting any time let’s jump right in!

Promoting your website

Having a website is essentially pointless if you aren’t going to promote it. If you aren’t promoting your website right now then the only people who are going to find you are the people who you send directly to your website. People don’t search for “Johns Fishing, LLC” on Google when they want fishing gear. They search for “Fishing supplies Los Angeles, CA”. Thankfully there are several ways you can promote your website!

The first to do as far as promotion goes is direct-promotion. Direct promotion is anything you do which sends people directly to your website. Really all this means is you should put a link to your website on all of your marketing materials. Put it on your company cars, your business cards, flyers, your billboards or advertisements – anything and everything that promotes your business should also promote your website. This is an easy thing that everyone can do to promote their sites.

Next it’s essential to make sure you’re on all of the popular business listings. When people want to find a business these days not very many look in the phonebook or the newspaper – most of us search Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Getting your business listed is quick, easy, and very cheap to do. If you aren’t listed then you’re missing out on a huge potential audience.

As far as long-term goals Search Engine Optimization is usually the way to go. Search Engine Optimization is a way of optimizing your website and promoting it naturally on search engines so your website will organically show up at the top of the search results. SEO can be very easy or very hard to do just depending on your market. This is a great long-term goal for every website because it will provide you with lasting natural results long after you stop investing in it.

Search Engine Placement is something we recommend alongside Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Placement is a paid advertising service which will get you listed on the top of the search results right away. Running a SEP campaign is a great way to immediately boost your website’s traffic and is generally the most cost-effective and affordable marketing solution available for small businesses.

Lastly on the list there’s social media promotion. If your business has a Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, or any other social-media accounts they should be linked up with your website! A simple link from these popular services going to your website can help you connect with massive audiences and have a huge impact on your websites publicity.

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