26 July 2013

Google Authorship Explained

Google Authorship is one of the booming web trends of 2013. Unlike some of the other trends like responsive / mobile web design or rich snippets integration Google Authorship is incredibly easy and affordable for you to implement on your website. It requires very minor changes to your website and adds tremendous.

What Is Google Authorship

Google Authorship is a way of giving Google specific information about who wrote the content or information on your website. In simple term’s it means you’re telling Google who the author is in a way that Google accepts. This is accomplished by using a very simple (and minimal) amount of code to link a Google+ page with a website, article, or other specific part of a website.

By requiring verification from both the author & the website Google ensures accurate reliable information is always provided about content authorship. As with most things this extra information you’re providing to Google can help build your websites trust & relevancy with them.

Advantages of Google Authorship

There are a number of different reasons you should take advantage of this web trend, and we’re going to quickly examine each one.

Get Your Picture On Google

We believe the biggest advantage is that you can get your picture on the Google search results page! Have you ever done a search and saw a website with a photograph of the author in the organic search results? That’s what Google Authorship can accomplish for you! The picture below is a real example from Google illustrating how articles on your website could come up on Google.


It’s Affordable

Of all of the web trends out there right now integrating Google Authorship is the least expensive thing we believe you can do. If you want to do the labor yourself, and you know how to mess around with your websites code a bit, then you could take care of it for free. Alternatively you can a development company like ours to help you get this set up on your website. It usually only takes a few hours of consulting & development to do! When you compare this to some of the other trends (which might require you to build a whole new website) Google Authorship is a highly cost-effective investment for your website.

Build Credibility

With this technology you’re providing extra information to Google about who wrote the content on your website. Since this has to be verified both on your Google+ profile page as well as on your website this helps to build trust & credibility with Google.

More importantly though having a picture next to your website in the Google search results can do wonders for your conversions; it’s especially effective when there aren’t many other people doing it in your market too! Just ask yourself – “If I’m looking for someone to repair my house, help with my business, or really ANYTHING else – am I going to click the website with the picture or one of the ones without it?” As people we are naturally drawn to anything that stands out on the internet, so the answer for most people is “Duh, I’ll click the one with the picture!”

Possible SEO bonus

Although Google keeps their search engine algorithms guarded closely and it’s impossible for anyone to say for sure, it seems that Google favors websites using Google Authorship. After all it is called Google Authorship. The next time you’re browsing around the internet pay attention to the things that come up on the top of the search results. Chances are if anyone has Google Authorship set up their articles will consistently get better placement than those that don’t. With that in mind we don’t make any promises this will help your SEO, but from what we’ve observed with our excessive use of Google is that they seem to favor websites using Google Authorship.


Google Authorship is one of the current booming web trends. It is unquestionably one of the most cost-effective trends to take advantage of – especially if you have a blog or a website with articles on it. This innovative technology can help your website build relevancy and trust with Google, get your picture on Google, and possibly even help your organic rankings!

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